National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance is a regional medical insurance system based on mutual aid. All international students must enroll in the National Health Insurance.

Procedures for Enrollment
【Place】Ward office
【Necessary documents】Identification such as Passport, Residence Card, or certificate of Alien Registration in the valid period
※You need to report any changes (e.g. change of address, name, or etc) at the municipal/ward office within 14 days.
※When you go back to your home country, you need to return your health insurance card and pay off the insurance premium.

Health Insurance Card
When you complete the procedures for enrollment, a health insurance card is issued for one family. You must pay 30% of the total medical expenses when you receive medical treatment.
Please note that you must pay total medical expenses for certain treatments such as parturition expenses, a medical examination expense, or a vaccination expense.
The health insurance card is renewed every December. The new card will be sent to your house in the end of November.

Health Insurance Premium
When you join National Health Insurance, the annual premium is calculated based on the amount of residents’ income. In the case of no income in Japan during the previous year, the premium will be \20,000 for single or \30,000 for couple. If your income increases due to part-time jobs the health insurance premium may increase. The premium will be renewed every year. The premium and the date of payments are notified by a payment slips sent from the ward office every year. If you fail to pay the premium, you have to pay a late charge. You can pay the premium at the ward office or nearest financial institution. Direct transfer from your bank account is also a convenient way to pay the premium.

Health Insurance Benefits
When the medical expense paid by the insured member is large, a part of the payment may be reimbursed. Please contact the ward office for the detail.
When you give birth to your child, you are supposed to receive a "lump sum birth allowance", given that you registered your pregnancy and applied for this allowance. Please contact the ward office for the detail.