Permission to Engage in Remunerative Activities (Part-time Job)

If you are on a student visa and wish to work, you must apply for work permission, officially known as "Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted".

You may obtain on the spot permission to work upon entering Japan under certain circumstances.
①If you are entering Japan for the first time (those entering Japan with a re-entry permit are not eligible.)
②If you have been granted a student visa with a period of stay of more than 3 months.

If you do not obtain permission to work upon entry, you must undertake the following:
① Fill in the application listed below① in black ink.
② Please submit all the additional required documents ①~④ at your regional immigration bureau. The permission to work in the form of a sticker will be issued and attached to your passport.

【Required Documents】
Application form
③Student ID
④Residence Card (a certificate showing application of resident card) or Alien registration card may also be accepted.

Please note:
① Hours of engaging in part-time work for international students at Hokkaido University are restricted in the following manner:
Undergraduate, Graduate & Research Students
Audit students, non-degree seeking students
28 hours/week
8 hours/day during extended holidays (summer/winter/spring vacation)
*Special auditors and non-degree seeking students who were allowed to work up to 14 hours per week can obtain the permission work up to 28 hours per week. However, the application is needed again as of July 2010 to obtaint the permission up to 28 hours per week (without the application as of July 2010 the hours of engaging in part-time work is still up to 14 hours per week).② The permission will not be required when you are engaged in TA/RA in Hokkaido University. However, in the case that you are engaged in other activities on campus or working part-time off campus, the permission will be required.③ If you work without permission, work beyond the time restrictions of permission, or continue working beyond the expiration date of your permission, you may be penalized (¥2 million, jailed, or deported to your home country). Do not begin working until you have received your permission. The expiration date of your permission and your visa are the same. If you update your period of residence, you will need to reapply for the permission.④Working in the entertainment and amusement industry is strictly forbidden. For example, working at bars, cabarets, servicing for seated patrons, pachinko parlors, mah-jong parlors, including dishwashing or cleaning at those places is prohibited.