Family's Visa

If you wish to bring members of your immediate family to Japan (spouse or children), you must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for each family member in order to obtain a visa. Only those family members who will be staying in Japan for 90 days or longer are eligible to apply.
*A Certificate of Eligibility is not required for a period of 90 days or less.

【Required Documents】

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (PDF download)
One application form is needed for each member of your family.)
②Proof of relationship (e.g. copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate)
③Residence card (a certificate showing application of resident card is also accepted) or Alien registration card regarded .
④Proof of ability to support your family (e.g. Japanese Government Scholarship Certificate, receipt of other scholarship, proof of existing savings or funding source from your home country)
⑤Certificate of Enrolment provided by Hokkaido University.
⑥Photographs for each family member

Please note:
- Japanese translated documents must be provided where documents are written in foreign languages.
- The Regional Immigration Bureau may ask you to submit additional documents in addition to the required documents above. Please contact the Immigration Bureau for the further details.
- Generally, applications are processed within one month although we advise you to apply well in advance.
- You must make the application in person

2. When your family will make only a short-term visit to Japan

If your family in your home country come to visit Japan for a short time only, a visa may be required depending on nationality. For procedures and required documents, ask at a Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.

List of Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic missions
(Click on the name of the country from the list in the link above and information about embassies and consulates will be displayed.)