Extension of Period of Stay

In the event you want to stay in Japan beyond your authorized period of stay, you are required to apply for permission to extend your period of stay at your Immigration Bureau.

【Required Documents】
Application Form for Extension of Period of Stay (PDF download)
*The university will fill out the form for organization, please ask at the Academic Affairs Section at your faculty/graduate school.
*In the case of correcting mistakes, your signature or seal is needed.
② A photograph
③Certificate of University Registration
a) In the case of research student, “Documents certifying the substance of the research” is required. For those studying solely by auditing, “Documents certifying the subject and the number of lessons” is also required.
b) In the case of auditor, “Documents certifying the subjects and the number of lessons” is required.
④ Transcript
⑤ Passport
⑥ Residence Card (Alien registration cards may be accepted over the interim period)
⑦ Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted
⑧ National health insurance card
⑨ Fee of ¥4,000 (Purchase a stamp for ¥4,000 at the Immigration Bureau, paste it on Certificate for Payment of Fee Costs(PDF download) and submit it with other documents.)

*Japanese translations must be attached where documents are written in foreign languages.

Please note:
-You must apply before your visa expires. Applications are accepted from three months before your visa is set to expire.
-You must apply in person
-The Regional Immigration Bureau may ask to submit additional documents to the required documents listed above. Please contact the Immigration Bureau for further details.