When You Get Sick

When you get sick, take your national health insurance card with you to a hospital and submit it at the reception desk. It can be used at any hospital in Japan, so take it with you when you go on vacation as well. If you forget to take it with you and are required to pay the entire cost of the consultation fee, get a receipt and statement and take them along with your national health insurance Certificate to the city or ward office where you registered for alien registration, and after processing, 70% of the cost you paid will be refunded to you. Using another person’s national health insurance Certificate or lending or selling your national health insurance Certificate to another is illegal. If you break the law, you will be penalized. If you are going to a hospital for the first time and do not understand Japanese well, it is recommended that you take a tutor or Japanese friend with you to the hospital. You may also visit the Health Administration Center at Hokkaido University for health counseling and emergency medical attention.

Hokkaido University Health Administration Center open hours

Department Day Hours
internal medicine Mon. - Fri. 13:00~15:30
mental health Mon., Wed., Fri. 13:00~15:30

Medical Consultation
Department Day Hours
orthopedics Mon. 13:00~15:30
Fri. 14:00~15:30
dental Wed. 13:00~15:30